I'm a performer and theatre maker with extensive experience in clowning and a passion for sharing my practice to help people from all walks of life discover their innate creative potential.

    My training as a performer includes prestigious physical theatre schools and companies such as the Ecole Philippe Gaulier, the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA), Odin Teatret and Spymonkey.

    I've encountered the performing arts following a successful career in journalism as a TV producer and news editor for some of the world's largest and most trusted news organisations.

    My background also includes psychotherapy, modern initiation rituals, the practice of Aikido, Tantra as well as a number of sports.

  • 2019 Performing Work


    Centro Anidra, Genoa, Italy - 18/19 May 2019

    Laboratorio per attori e non, per risvegliare il proprio clown interiore nella natura rigogliosa del Centro Anidra..



    Centro Anidra, Genoa, Italy - 19 May 2019

    Il Circo nella natura!


  • Previous Performing Work



    Genoa Province, Italy, September 2018

    A promenade, site specific performance of scenes from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. An immersive journey across the grounds to meet the wild and fantastic in a magical web of acrobatics, gesture, song and surprise. The culmination of 18 days with Moon Fool in residence at Centro Anidra, Genoa, Italy for 18 days exploring Musicality, Movement and Shakespeare.



    London - December 2017

    Vocal wonderment, soaring harmonies and old stories with new tunes. Hosted in association with Moon Fool.

    Day and Night are a collective of musicians working with traditional and original folk songs from around the world. Every gig is unique as all the songs are learned, arranged and performed live in one day and one night. Produced in association with Moon Fool.


    Guerilla Science


    London - June 2017

    Role: Clive


    Audiences embarked on the adventure of a lifetime to the final frontiers of space. Guided by our Intergalactic Travel Agents, Janet and Clive, intrepid explorers journeyed to the moon, visited the best planetary destinations in our solar system, then headed at the speed of light to the outer edges of the galaxy — all before a successful return home to Earth. Travellers encountered the physical, emotional, and psychological effects that occur in microgravity, and discovered whether life could be like in space…


    MAS Productions


    London - February 2017

    An ecstatic transformation ritual. as part of "Your Reality is Broken," a festival of abstracted, ritualised and embodied live art.

    Six hours of the same song played by the house band: "When the Going is Smooth and Good" by 70s Electro synth pioneer William Onyeabor. An absurdist experiment in durational performance featuring performance art directed by Jonathan Grieve.




    UK and International Tour - 2016/2017

    ROLE: The Businessman


    Sending up & stripping down the layers we build between us, witness the surprising & beguiling confrontation of a bonkers bag lady & a struggling businessman, fusing live music, physical comedy & puppetry into a celebratory, interactive performance exploring social isolation.
    Developed through creative conversations with older Brixton residents, BeautifulMess explore pertinent questions relevant to the pavements they play on, unpicking the next big epidemic through their signature style.

    We've performed the show dozens of times so far, including in unlikely municipal spaces across the UK and Italy as well as in festivals including Greenwich & Docklands International Festival, Somerfest and Big Splash. 


    Parrot (In The) Tank


    London - 2015/2016

    ROLE: Remy Luciano


    Created by Parrot {in the} Tank in their staple cinematic style and dreamlike design, Black Dog Gold Fish is a touching and hilarious take on what it’s really like to live with depression.




    London - July/August 2015

    ROLE: Pan


    Raven spins a story of mythic symbolism. The protagonist Faith moves between the two worlds on stage – Time and Nature. She falls in love with the goat god Pan, and seeks to find a way to save her family. The company use movement, dance and soundscapes, creating an enchanting experience for audiences, set upon an originally composed tapestry of sound.


    Chief Productions



    I performed the main role in three music videos for The Maccabees, taken from their final studio album "Marks to prove it":


    Marks To Prove It

    Something Like Happiness

    Spit It Out




    Teatro Sociale di Valenza, Italy

    Performer, Co-Artistic Director, Workshop Facilitator

    Valenza, Italy - 2014

    Esci Da Questo Corpo is a week-long physical theatre festival with international performing artists.

    The festivals features shows as well as workshops including Playfulness, Clowning, Embodiment, Puppetry, Biomechanics, Fantastical Creatures.




    Nic Sandiland


    London - 2012

    Part one-liner gag, part public intervention, Trip Hazard forms a physical and immediate bridge between everyday inadvertent actions in public spaces and the potentially catastrophic consequences such actions could have.

  • Workshops

    Doing, sharing, developing.


    The practice of embodiment, the process of uniting the imaginary separation between body and mind, has been a powerful transformative tool in my personal journey.


    I've explored it in many different contexts, including Gestalt psychotherapy, modern initiation rituals and my physical theatre and martial arts practice. It empowered me to make radical changes that have made my life more authentic and fulfilling.

    I deeply believe it can do magic with others as well.


    Another concept I've discovered being essential to any kind of creative process is playfulness.

    In the pleasure of playing lays our innate creativity and most authentic self. I will help you digging into this goldmine!


    Over the years, I've developed my own practice and regularly run workshops for groups and individuals who want to explore presence, public speaking, team dynamics, leadership, creativity.


    Whether you are an individual striving to connect with your innate creative self, or an organisation who wants to be at the forefront of the next stage of evolution (http://www.reinventingorganizationswiki.com/Teal_Organizations), I can offer and deliver tailor-made experiential training that will not just sit in your brain, but lead to powerful action.


    In a safe, non-judgemental environment, you will be invited to participate in games and exercises that will organically engage your whole self, intellectually, emotionally, creatively and physically. You will be encouraged to trust yourself and others, to take creative risks, to accept failure and use it as a trampoline for your next move!

  • Training


    Moon Fool

    London/Bengaluru/Genoa - Ongoing

    ACT (ACTOR-CHORUS-TEXT) is an original approach to generating ensemble theatre productions that symbiotically interweave music, movement and poetry in telling stories, while reinventing the given spatial location.
    Under the umbrella of Moon Fool, ACT has been conceived and developed by director-practitioner, Anna-Helena McLean. I'm currently assisting Anna-Helena in her sessions at the actor training company Fourth Monkey in London. 
    The training is applied to an exploration of archetypes in stories from around the world, particularly those from classical texts such as Shakespeare and the Ancient Greeks to generate original ensemble works of theatre.


    2014/2015 - Le Jeu, Clowns

    Philippe Gaulier teaches pleasure and freedom.

    LISPA (London International School of Performing Arts)

    2013/2014 - Devising Theatre and Performance

    This course prepared me for the challenging task of creating my own work. I enhanced my physical, emotional, imaginative and cognitive playfulness in order to be well equipped for the demanding journey of articulating, shaping and presenting my artistic visions. LISPA helped me to better understand "the physical body I have, the subtle body I am, and the collective body we all have in common". The exploration of the dynamic relationships between these different bodies provoked my physical and emotional imagination, creative intuition and personal playfulness, initiating awareness of what LISPA's founder Thomas Prattki calls the Poetic Body. Awareness of this body lies at the very centre of the course's pedagogy, since accessing it is essential for the creation of new performance languages.


    Spymonkey, Clown and Physical Comedy Devising Masterclasses, Various, London, UK, 2011-2013

    Odin Teatret, Physical training, Co-habitation on the theatrical structure with Eugenio Barba and the Odin actors, Denmark/Italy - 2014/2015

    Alejandro Jodorowsky, The awakening of the Essential Being, Theatre and healing workshop, Naples, Italy, February 2016

    Cristobal Jodorowsky, Love, Sexuality and Psychorituals, Psychoshamanic workshop, La Spezia, Italy, September 2016

    MAS Productions, Secular Ecstatic Art Laboratory, a temporary autonomous zone in which radical actions, identities and progressive thought are permitted to manifest

    Philip Burgers (Dr Brown), Clown Workshop, London, UK October 2013

    Peta Lily, Clown and Dark Clown Workshops, London, UK, November 2013

    Told by an Idiot, The Role of the Director in the Devising Process, London, UK, September 2013

    Mick Barnfather, Clown, Character and Comedy Workshops, London, UK, April 2012

    Hoopla!, Short and Long Form Improvisation Courses, London, UK, October-December 2013

    The ManKind Project

    2011 - The New Warrior Training Adventure

    The ManKind Project is an international organisation that explores what is a modern, mature masculinity. It conducts trainings that challenge men to step into leadership, connect with a sense of purpose, and live responsible, emotionally intelligent lives.


    Their flagship program, the New Warrior Training Adventure was a turning point in my life.

    It is an intense and carefully choreographed event designed to help you see how you hurt yourself and those you love, to face the pain you may experience for yourself or impose on others, and to learn the art of transforming it into personal responsibility – for this is the gateway to liberation from the past.

    When I look back, I see this experience as the bridge between my Gestalt psychotherapy process and my decision to become a performing artist.


    The London Aikido Club

    2014 - Present: Regular practice.

    Rank: 4th Kyu

    AIKIDO is a traditional Japanese budo, ie a martial art concerned not only with practical technique, but also with the positive effect that the unity of mind, body and spirit attained through training can have on daily life. The goal of our Aikido is self-development. The keynote of Iwama style training is the learning and repeated practice of basic techniques. These techniques are very rational ways of overcoming strong attacks. They stress the use of the whole body as a single, co-coordinated unit to attack an opponent's weak points.




    Genova, Italia


  • "I rebel, therefore we are."

    Albert Camus

    I must have been 17 when I read Camus' "The rebel" for the first time. Now, more than 20 years on, the power and humanity of his words still move me, forming the only "philosophy" I recognise myself in.


    "In our experience, absurd, suffering is individual. But from the moment when a movement of rebellion begins, suffering becomes a collective experience, an adventure everyone is involved in. Therefore, the first progressive step for a soul overwhelmed by the absurdity of things is to realize that this feeling of being a stranger is shared with all men and that human reality, in its entirety, suffers
    from this distance from itself as well as from the rest of the universe. The malady experienced by a single man becomes a mass plague. In our daily trials, rebellion plays the same role as does the "cogito" in the realm of thought: it is the first piece of evidence. But this evidence lures the individual from his solitude.
    It founds its first value on the whole human race. I rebel - therefore we are.”